Quality Lumber Products

Colonial Forest Products in Crewe, Virginia, offers top-quality lumber products and has the capability to procure or produce any size or shape of material you need for your purposes. Our lumber is offered in a variety of species, including spruce, pine, hardwood, and more. We can customize your order to meet your needs.

Our lumber offerings

Industrial Lumber

Our industrial lumber is heat-treated to reduce the chances of insects burrowing into it. It has been certified to meet all international exporting and shipping requirements.

Precut Lumber

We also offer pre-cut lumber for domestic shipping. Call or email us to learn about our catalog of standard board sizes used to build pallets and other packaging options.

Dimensional Lumber

We carry Southern Yellow Pine and European Spruce dimensional lumber for construction. We also have studs in a variety of sizes and lengths. Our dimensional lumber comes in a variety of grades, including: Select Structural, Tongue-&-Groove, #3, #2, and #1